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Issues with our Hollylovestoys Farm Gates

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I'm ever so sorry, but we had technical problems with our last batch of farm gates. So if anyone found that the holes in the hinges weren't big (and consequently they broke while you were trying to mount the gate), please return the gate and posts to me and I'll replace them for you (including return shipping costs). My apologies for any inconvenience and/or disappointment caused.

Kind regards


Please note there will be a new release of the 12ft, shortly (with a modified latch), together with a new 14ft gate.

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It actually happened one of mine but it's glued into the ground now and I don't fancy the job of getting it out  :-\

That's a shame :'( :'(

If you ever re-do your layout, let me know and I'll replace that gate for you.

There shouldn't be many around with this problem, as it was only the last batch and most of them we've intercepted and returned for re-modelling.

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