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1/64 Ertl Cih 6388

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Well, as rare as they are, I decided that this customization wouldn't hurt the value of this tractor much.

I took an original 1980's CIH 6388 and epoxied a snow blade on the front of it. I think it turned out pretty sharp, and I think I may list it on Ebay as an auction. They seem to be pretty popular among collectors, tractors with blades that is.

Being that this is an original 6388 with a high caliber blade install, I think it might bring in a little coin...if not, I'm not out a big amount.


This is just after the epoxy cured enough to stick the blade on and see if it was level, and true to the tractor's frame. I think it's bang on.


As you can see, the epoxy needs to cure 100%, then be sanded and filed down. I did the painting of the plow's "cutting edge" and skid shoes.


This is the finalized product. Painted CIH red to match the machine, the headgear is touched up to blend in with the frame.


Close up of the head gear.


The blade is still fully functional. It will raise, lower and angle left and right.

If I decide to keep this, I have 3 small rams from an early 1990's 1/64 JD 7800 I can use to make angle cylinders, and a lift cylinder...along witn some SMALL vinyl and tiny copper wires to make hoses.

Well, waht do y'all think? How'd I do?

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Very nice work......The 64 scale may not get a lot of notice here but I know Andy appreciate you posting and sharing......really nice detail on that project.........keep up the nice work.......and again thanks for sharing

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