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John Deere Combines - Physical Difference Between Cts And Sts Models?

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I was wondering if any John Deere operators or enthusiast could help me with this. I have recently picked up an Ertl Precision JD 9750 STS, and from what little knowledge I have these machines were not readily available in Europe, with the WTS and Cylinder Tine type machines being more common.

The model I have has a damaged front wheel so I plan to convert this to single floats up front as per the euro spec, but I was wanting to know if anybody has any literature or pictures they would be willing to share that shows the differences in the headers, as well as any other physical differences in the actual machine so I can convert this to something resembling a machine that is more common in the UK.

On my travels I have seen a fair few 9780 CTS around the UK, and apart from the engine size, it would also be interesting to known the physical differences between this model from 2003 onwards and the 9750 STS.

Any help is much appreciated, and thanks for looking!

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The only thing that you would be able to use from the 9750STS Precision for a "9780CTS" model is the Cab. Unless you want to scratch built the entire body for it, the 9780CTS's body style is more simular to the T670i John Deere combine, then the STS.

Easist way to make the 9780 CTS would be to pick up a Siku Deere T670i combine, as the body style of the T670i is very close to the 9780CTS, a few small changes but a lot closer then trying to convert a 9750STS Precision.


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