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Here's something I finally dug out of the loft - A milking bale - I've never seen another model of one of these, so would love to see pics of other models or the real thing (or preferably a set of drawings to build a proper scale replica).

To save some space on this site, I've put the pics on http://www.woodenhousenursery.com/museum//Farm%20Toys/farmtoys.htm which is a page from my online toy museum - www.bigboystoysmuseum.co.uk .

My Dad made me this when I was growing up on a dairy/arable farm on Salisbury Plain. I was cow-mad at the time and it was only later that I realised my first love were pigs...

Sadly, these days I have to get my farm fix from driving a friend's vintage tractor to shows and lurking around the country lanes with my camera at the ready!

Hope there are fellow milkimg bale freaks out there who might enjoy this.

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I want to know what kind of toys show there by you? I have never seen those before, that is why I ask you. There has been also toys available for big boys I have seen. So I also interested to get that toy. What I have to do for get that?

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Sorry, josheppaul, this milking bale is a one off!

What I really came on here for is to say that I've bought my 100th. model tractor today!!! A Britains Waterloo Boy.

I had no idea it was that many, so thought I'd have a count up... I'm shocked!

The bulk of them are Britains and Siku and now they're all in one place, I can't wait to get 'em all into the display cabinets!

And I thought I was showing restraint in my buying habits...

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Don't be too shocked at your current model number in your collection John, I have over 3000 tractors, plus implements and farm figures and animals and there are plenty more out there that have far more than I have in my collection. Britains did a four-abreast milking parlour back in the ealy 1980's, you do still find boxed examples from time to time on the likes of eBay and at toy fairs. I myself actually milked cows for 27 years and my father for many years before but when he passed on in 1997 I sold up the cows and let out the land, I'd had enough of milking although I really enjoyed it, it was very demanding in time spent on the cows and had to be done twice a day no matter what. Latterly it became more of a chore than a pleasure, the pleasure was taken out of it by the financial side and demands, the dairies dictating price, testing for contaminents, quality, fat content, mastitis, extraenious water, blood, etc.etc., plus, if I had carried on milking I would have had to put quite a large investment into my milking system and equipment in order to keep up to date but with having the facilities to comfortably keep 44 cows the investment would never realise an economic return so the hard decision had to be made.

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It's a common tale you are telling! I've hardly any friends of my own age who are still actively farming their land. There must be 1000's of farmers who just gave up when the paperwork got to be too much. I really miss the cattle and all that went with them - even feeding on freezing Sunday mornings at improbable hours and staying up all night for calving. I miss the pigs even more - my grandad used to keep one penned under the kitchen table to be fed on scraps until it was big enough for the sty and then the plate...

3000 tractors? Well, I feel a lot better now... I know what you mean about all of the other stuff, though. I too have boxes of implements, animals, land rovers and lorries with no room to display them at the moment! Trouble is, I also collect a load of other stuff too, so it all jostles for space in my little office... I'm still looking for pictures of the old milking bales, as I'd like to make a true-scale 1/32 version to display with my Britains herd. The little 4 way Britains one is fun and I'll probably pick one up eventually - same as I would like a sheep dip, but not a mortgage prices!!!

Mrs. Bigbear is very understanding, though and I think she'll be happy for me when my new display cases arrive - IKEA Billy Bookcases, with the glass doors. They look to be just the thing!

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My 1/32 Tractors:


Britains 1/32 Tractors

00037 Same Rubin 150 with Front Loader

00038 Hurlimann SX1500 Tractor

00039 Hurlimann SX1500 Tractor with Front Loader

9502 Massey Ferguson M363 Tractor

9671 New Holland Tractor Gift Set

14775 Case IH CX90 Tractor with Loader

40079 Case CVX 130 Tractor with Loader

40523 John Deere Waterloo Boy

40784 Case IH MXU 125 Tractor

40804 STEYR 6135 Profi Tractor

40923 John Deere 4020 European Spec Tractor

42012 Case IH CVX1155 Tractor

42013 Case IH CVX1145 Tractor with Loader

42021 New Holland TN75DA Tractor

42022 Case JX1057 Tractor

42023 STEYR 375 Kompakt Tractor

42140 John Deere 7820 Tractor

42196 Ford 5000 Tractor

42197 Ford 7000 Tractor

42327 Farm Set

42336 John Deere 4020 FWD Tractor

42343 Case IH Maxxum 125 Tractor

42795 Ford 7600 Tractor


Siku 1/32 Tractors

3459 Lanz  Field Bulldog

3460 Hanomag Diesel R45

3462 Deutz D9005 Tractor

3464 Fendt Dieselross F28

3466 Lanz Acherluft Bulldog

3467 Porsche Diesel with Loader

3468 Porsche Diesel with Side Cutter

3469 Schluter Super 1250VL (Red)

3469 Schluter Super 1250VL (Silver)

3470 Massey Ferguson TE-20

3471 Fendt Dieselross F28 with Side Cutter

3474 Lanz D2416HE Tractor

3475  John Deere Lanz Tractor with Side Cutter

4456 Lanz Bulldog (Special)

4457 Hanomag Diesel R45 (Special)

4458 Porsche Diesel Super 308 (Special)

4459 Deutz D9005 Tractor (Special)

4460 Fendt Dieselross (Special)

4461 MAN 4R3 (Special)


Cerberus 1/32 Tractor

XXXX McCormick CX100 Tractor

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1/32 Implements:


Britains 1/32 Implements

00048 Spearhead Orbital Reach Mower

9341 Vicon Towed Spreader. Power Farm

9412 Log Sled

9413 Logic High Sided Trailer

9499 Tumbrel Cart

9511 4 Furrow Towed Plough (138F)

9533 Salop Low Loader Trailer

9534 Disc Harrow

9535 Mule Dozer

9536 Cultivator

9536 Cultivator

9537 Vicon Lely Acrobat Rake

9537 Vicon Towed Spreader

9538 Vicon Towed Spreader

9542 Forage Harvester

9544 Accord Seed Drill

9546 Plough Set

9546 Three Furrow Plough

9550 Fold Up Cultivator

9551 Mini Trailer (Blue) and 3 bales

9553 Disc Harrow (Yellow)

9556 New Holland Baler

9565 Tipping Trailer

9566 Claas Silage Trailer

9577 Massey Ferguson 130 Seed Drill

9579 Fysons Elevator

9589 Vicon Grass Mower

9590 Disc Harrow

40424 John Deere Round Baler 590

40609 12 Ton Bulk Trailer

40711 Ifor Williams Double Horsebox Trailer

40741 Polaris Magnum 500 ATV

40797 Marston Silage Trailer (Blue)

40811 Case IH CHX 620 Forage Harvester

40850 Case IH LBX 432 Big Square Baler

40935 Twin Axle Flat Bed Trailer

40995 Keenan Diet Feeder Wagon

40999 Trailed Livestock Trailer

42015 Flat Bed Trailer (Green)

42131 12 Ton Bulk Trailer

42208 John Deere 840i Trailed Sprayer

42700 Kane Silage Trailer

42722 ATV Trailer

42723 Sheep Trailer

42724 General Purpose Trailer


Siku 1/32 Implements

3463 Vintage Trailer

3480 Mechanical Hay Fork

3481 Dump Rake

3482 Plough

3483 Potato Planter

3484 Grimme Potato Digger

3485 Amazone 2 Wheel Trailer

3486 Amazone Manure Spreader

3487 Amazone Rotary Fertiliser Spreader

3488 Amazone Fertilizer Spreader

3490 Rotary Hay Rake

7067 Front Weight

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Britains 1/32 Land Rovers

00041 New Discovery Metallic Red

00042 New Discovery Metallic Dark Blue

9483 Freelander Hard Top Metallic Purple

9484 Freelander Soft Top Metallic Light Blue

9507 Land Rover Defender Metallic Blue

9507 Land Rover Defender Dark Blue

9507 Land Rover Defender 90 Metallic Red

9512 Land Rover Green with Winch

9657 Land Rover Defender 90, Trailer and Honda Defender 90 (Airforce Blue)

9401 Honda TRX 300 (Red, Blue Rider) + 9410 LOGIC CT700 Trailer (Silver)

40096 Land Rover Discovery RSPCA

40551 Freelander Soft Top Silver

40601 Freelander Metallic Dark Green

40603 Range Rover Silver

40790 2004 Discovery 3 Silver

40920 Land Rover Defender Pickup Black

42024 Equestrian Gift Set Land Rover TD5 (Dark Green)  + Ifor Williams Horsebox (Blue)

42732 Land Rover Defender 90 with Canopy Red


Britains 1/32 Lorries and Vans

09599 Robert Wiseman Milk Tanker Lorry

9603 Skip Lorry Blue

40098 IVECO Cargo Box Body Truck RSPCA

40514 JCB 718 Dump Truck

40745 Tarmac Concrete Mixer Lorry

40097 Transit Medium Roof Van RSPCA

40752 Ford Transit Medium Roof, White White

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1/87 Siku

1848        Deutz-Fahr Agratron Tractor X720 and Joskin Trailer set

1852        Claas Axion 850 Tractor With Quadrant 3400 Rotocut Baler

1857        Low Loader with 2 Massey Ferguson 8480 Tractors

1868        Fendt 939 Tractor

1869        New Holland 7070 Tractor

1870        John Deere 6920 S Tractor

1878        Massey Ferguson 8480 Tractor

1881        JCB 8250 Tractor with detachable cab.


1/72 Siku

1003        Lamborghini Tractor

1016        Fendt Dieselross Tractor

1017        Hanomag R45 Tractor

1038        Deutz Fahr DX6 Turbo Tractor with Front Loader

1039        Fendt Vario Tractor with Front Loader

1074        CLAAS Targo C50 Telehandler

1077        Fortuna Twin Axle Side Tipping Trailer

1635        Lanz Bulldog Tractor with Trailer

1650        John Deere 7530 Tractor with Silage Trailer

6284        CLAAS Ares 697 ATZ Tractor

6284        Deutz Fahr Agrotron 265 Tractor

6284        Fendt Favorit 926 Vario Tractor

6284        John Deere 7530 Tractor

6284        Massey Ferguson 9240 Tractor

6286        Deutz Fahr Agrotron 265 Tractor

6286        Krampe Half Pipe Trailer

6286        Krone Big Baler

6286        Silage Trailer


1/64 Ertl


14244      International 826 Tractor

14244      International 1026 Tractor

14244      International 1456 Tractor

                International 560 from 2012 Calendar

Allis Chalmers

Allis Chalmers

Allis Chalmers

Massey Ferguson Trailer

Fordson Trailer


Massey Fergusson Plough

Round Baler


Incomplete Ertl listing, plus a lot of Britains 1/64 to add.

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1/32 Britains Farm Accessories:

1715 Feed Manger with 2 Bales

1717 Water Trough

1728 Hurdles x 6

1731 Farm Gate

1740 Milk Churns x9

1741 Sacks x 12

1742 Bales x 6

1743 Round Bales

1750 Bag of Bales

1751 Bag of Churns

40954 Farming Family

40955 Farm Workers and Scarecrow

40956 Horses and Riders

40957 Thoroughbred Horses

40958 Horses and Foals

40959 Heavy Horses

40961 Fresian Cows

40963 Jersey Cattle

40964 Hereford Cattle

40965 Saddleback Pigs

40966 White Pigs

40967 Sheep

40969 Poultry

42078 Potato Boxes

42081 Piglet Housing

42351 Simmental Cattle

42704 Aberdeen Angus Cattle

42715 Cattle Feeder Set

42786 Farm Building and Accessories Set

40960 Fresian Calves

H1718 Herald Farm Hurdles x6


Loose Figures, etc.

1719 Fences, White

1726 Fencing, Stone Walls

1730 Fencing, Hedge Sections

1741 Accessories, Sacks

1742 Accessories, Bales - Original

1746 Figure, Scarecrow

2045 Figure, Shepherd (Mint)

2045 Figure, Shepherd (Poor)

2051 Figure, Farmer's Daughter, Blue with Bowl

2052 Figure, Land Girl, White Boilersuit

Figure, Woman with Tray

Figure, Woman with Separate Bucket in Hand

Figure, Man with Sack on Shoulder

Figure, Man with Pressure Washer

40955 Figure, Shepherd, Scarecrow, Farmer

2101 Horse, Shire, Brown (Mint)

2101 Horse, Shire, White

2104 Horse, Clydesdale in Collar, Brown

2104 Horse, Clydesdale in Collar, White

2105 Horse, Hunter, Walking, White

2106 Horse, Percheron, Standing, Black

2106 Horse, Percheron, Standing, White

2108 Horse, Suffolk Mare, Bound Tail

2121 Foal, Laying Down, Black/White Stockings

2121 Foal, Laying Down, Brown (Mint)

2121 Foal, Laying Down, White

2122 Foal, Standing, Black

2122 Foal, Standing, White

2126 Horse, Donkey

2133 Cow, Fresian, Feeding

2134 Cow, Fresian, Laying Down

2136 Calf, Running, Fresian

2139 Calf, Laying Down, Fresian

2143 Cow, Charolais Bull, Ring in nose

2144 Cow, Charolais Cow, Standing

2145 Cow, Charolais Cow, Eating

2152 Cow, Jersey, Standing

2159 Calf, Brown and White Calf, laying down (Mint)

2159 Calf, Laying Down, Brown

2171 Pig, Saddleback, Boar

2172 Pig, Saddleback, Sow

2181 Pig, White, Boar

2181 Pig, White, Boar

2181 Pig, White, Boar

2182 Pig, White, Sow

2182 Pig, White, Sow

Piglet, Running

2189 Piglet, White, Eating

2189 Piglets x2 assorted

2201 Sheep, Grey Ram

2202 Sheep, Early, Grey

2202 Sheep, Grey, Walking

2203 Sheep, Grey, Eating

2203 Sheep, Late, Feeding

2203 Sheep, Late, Grey

2207 Sheep, Cream, Walking

2208 Sheep, Cream, Eating

2216 Lambs Kneeling

2216 Lambs Standing

2221 Collie, Black

2221 Collie, Black and white

2230 Goat, Brown/White, Billy

2231 Goat, Brown/White, Nanny, Feeding

2255 Chicken, White Hen and Chicks (Mint)

2262 Chicken, Goose, Grey Wing

2275 Chicken, Brown Cock and Hen (Mint)

2275 Chicken, Cockerell and Chicken, White

4707 Pig Sty

40955 Figure, Farm Workers and Scarecrow set opened  

Chicken, Black Hen

Chicken, Brown Hen

Chicken, Ducks

Chicken, Geese

Chicken, White

Collie, Brown and white, Laying Down

Cow, Hereford

Fencing, Old Gate

Figure, Farmer with Stick

Figure, Farmer's Wife with Trug and Bucket

Figure, Girl with Tray

Figure, Worker in Blue Overalls with Pressure Washer

Goat, Brown and White, Standing

Goat, Grey Kid

Pig Ark, Metal

Pig, Black, Rosette Series

Pig, Black, Sow

Pig, Gloucester Old Spot, Rosette Series

Pig, Landrace, Rosette Series

Pig, Saddleback, Rosette Series

Rabbit, Black and White


Again, incomplete...

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That's it for now. A modest collection by some standards, but I enjoy it.


Still got a load of Tractors and the World of Farming models and Britains 1/64 to add... Time will tell.

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