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my conversions

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this is my john deere 6920s i have added

hand rales

worn the tires


front linkage

painted the desel tank the radiator and batery

i need to

repaint the front linkage jd green

paint the cab

fit rails to the doors

add a grease gun

add a front waight or sumo waight box

posably wether

posably add propper rear linkage

here it is what do you think?






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added a grab rail to the door started to build a fertlizer tank for the front linkage to run with the ridger also added some hydrolic cuplings to the front linkage hers some pics what you think


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some more got two of the three orgers made just one more to make and got 1 painted also got the platform on the dryer and the floor in just need to finish the painting on the dryer and get a lader from hlt and then the dryer is done still a lot of work to do but here are some pics what do you think and is there anything i should change?







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some more pics first is of the dryer floor the dryer is based on an old style dryer like we have at work ill take a picture or the real think some time


sky veuw of the whole building



the top of the silo and orger


the bottom of the silo


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good effort there buddy, where did you get the front linkage from towse, or artisan32? thanks paul

ps has any one found the right paint match for the siku green?

i bought some john deere green spray and its way out... (well its green) do humbrol do any thing close?

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