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My growing literature collection

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Thought I might start a topic showing my collection. Ive been wanting to start one for a while but didnt really like taking pictures of the brochures so now I've got a scanner I thought I better get on with it.

I have 9 folders full of brochures, each with an average of 30 brochures within them so it will take a while to upload them. Im starting with my tractor and self propelled machine brochures, of which I have 4 folders full.

Off we go:







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quite a varied selection of modern day machinery! have you got some specifics in which you collect, or do you collect anything agricultural related?

Mainly just any agricultural related stuff for me. The reason its mostly modern is just because the modern brochures are easy to get hold of as shows and alike. I would quite like to have some older brochures, for example, some of the MF ones that Lord F has shown on here have some lovely artwork in, but going after older brochures like that can get a bit expensive and I just cannot afford it at my age, what with looking for a car and a growing collection of models. That said, I would like to, someday, get the brochures that were released for our real tractors at home.

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there is nothing wrong with collecting present day brochures :) one day they will be old as well and best of all they are free!!!

Thats the only reason i get them to be honest Markus. The only ones I am willing to pay for is of tractors that we now run or used to run.

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