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Couple of New Hollands in NZ.

Light Land

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Time for my frist new topic on the new forum me thinks.

New Holland TS135A working with a NZ made feed out trailer feeding barley silage out on the feed pad.(Cows get 12kg each before afternoon milking each day.)

New Holland TM125 working with a Lemken plough.Regrassing a paddock that has'nt been turned over in 20years.(New grass with higher energy = more milk.)







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Interesting to see some home grown machinery manufacturing, Olly. Would they make many units or is manufacturing more on a made to order basis, with companies turning their hand to making other things during quieter times?

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Thanks for the reply Tris mate.

You'd be suprised how many basic feeding out trailers and the like are made for the local and Aussie markets each year by companys such as http://www.mcintosh.net.nz/ or http://www.giltrap.biz/ But like you say they often make things to your spec for a little extra than there base line models.

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Good to see some pics from you again, Ol. How many cows are you milking now?

Thanks John,I'm doing 265 mixed breed cows on my own now for a spraying contractor who has brought a couple of dairy farms.I'll easly do 400 milk soilds per cow this season on 75% grass 20% barley silage/Palm Kernal 5%Turnips.Next season having proved myself to the owners I'll milk 400 cows for them with the help of a young guy and feed alot more barley silage and palm kernal.

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