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Custom 1/64 John Deere

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Here is a John Deere 8295r tractor that I customised for a friend.

I know what I said in my Intro, but my friend was willing for me to cut my teeth on his tractor before I started my own.

It started off as an original out of the packet.


I then went about pulling it apart to add a Moores Farm Toys customising kit that I bought from Bossen Implement in the USA.

First was a steering front axle, i had to remove two rivets and the grille to open the tractor in half enough to drop the old one out.

The new steerable painted one went in, the I two-pak epoxyed over the rivet holes and reinstalled the freshly painted grille.


Next I cut the rear axle. I wasn't sure about how it was attached so I used a hacksaw blade and cut between the diff and the rim.

Now I drilled into the diff so I could pass a new axle right through. Then.... BANG. I shattered the diff, many expletatives followed.

I wondered for ages what I was going to do. I couldn't get a new tractor as the front axle was installed in this one.

Then I spyed an old antenna from a radio controlled car. One of the sections was exactly the right size to sleeve the part of the diff that had broken.


So I used it and it came up brilliently. I painted it over.

Next comes the three point linkage with quick hitch. This one is moveable and is the most fiddly thing to work with, but the end result is worth it. It is held togethter with cut down sewing pins. Sorry the pictures aren't great. Little dobs of glue hold the other end. It is quite a long process so I won't go into it.


Next came the other detailing parts; mirrors, step handles, toolbox, flasher bars, ect


The whole thing got a new coat of JD green and wheels from a 'Collect and Play" JD, which were more accurate to the real tractor.

My friend was very happy with the finshed product.



Thanks For Looking

Any Questions Welcome

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