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Phillip Segal Toys

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Phillip Segal started to produce hollowcast figures in a small factory at Christchurch, Hampshire, in 1938, and obviously had to stop production during the war. he start up again after the war (1947?), but sadly died in 1951. Some of the moulds were sold to other small scale figure producers by his family, but I'm not expert enought to know which ones, and how many figures were produced after his death.

Segal figures have a rather abstract or cartoony style, so some of them don't fit in that well with displays of figures by Britains and others. One set Segal made, which I don't have, so can't give photos, are cricketers. OK, so not exactly 'farm', but I've often thought what a great diorama of a village green cricket match could be set up using these, some wooden cottages, a pub and a church, around the edge, and some appropriate farm/village people by the other manufacturers as the audience. The JoHillCo innkeeper, Pixyland/Kew beer drinkers spring to mind.

Otherwise, the more cartoony figures are probably best displayed with Wendal and other figures which don't fit in with more convential items. In the case of zoo animal ranges, Segal, JoHillCo and Charbens zoo ranges all have a certain charm, but realistic and consistent to scale they ain't

Anyway, here are my Segal farm figures to start the thread:




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