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UH Hitches


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Recently bought the 8 furrow Gregoire Besson plough, which had a loose sort of hitch on it, (when it wasnt connected to a tractor it hung loose, almost) does anyone know if this is the same as on the GB discs, or are they more fixed (as in just side to side)

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Is that the straight 8 plough or the small mouldboard wagon plough 8 f ? I have had 5 ploughs and the only one thats really good is the 5 f Lemken, the big Lemken falls over more times than coco the clown, the Kverneland is nice but its mouldboards are way oversize, the GB wagon plough is dead opposite and the Kuhn is always falling too pieces . The one you have looks the best of the lot but I cant afford to risk wasting any more money on ploughs that look good on the internet but not when they are removed from the box. As for the discs I think theyre the same hitch but I preferred the Lemken Rubin discs which is a really nice model :)

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