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Devon D.B. Club Plouging Day.

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Our Club that I run had our ploughing day this last Saturday on our Chaimans farm in one of his fields on Dartmoor. The field is 4 acres and 1/2, we started at around 11.00am, stopped for a pasty and a bun for 1/2 an hour at around 1.00 and finished the field including the headlands at around 3.15pm. There were a few rocks in the field but not many, 2 ploughs caught a couple and broke a share but nothing more serious. Took nearly 2 hours for the video to upload, it was filmed in 16.9 aspect but has been converted by the site so the tractors look a bit narrow. Here's the link.

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Thanks for uploading this Tim, it's always great to see David Browns (or any classic tractors, personally) working together, especially in such an intimate(/cramped) setting. Surprising those two-wheel drive machines didn't struggle more going up the hill, and some of them ploughing quite deeply. Looks fairly wet too.

Oh, and what is the ponderously slow cabbed DB with the narrow wheels?


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The cabbed tractor Chris is a Fiat 450 DT, quite a rare tractor in these parts as most of them rusted out but this one is in pretty good original nick. The field was a bit slippy especially on the grass cuttings left by the topper and the ground was very soft after all the rain we have had but if we'd ploughed a couple of week earlier it would have been too hard so the rain did good. You might notice the chap carrying a few orange fencing stakes and a few random ones dotted about the field, these were used to mark the rocks as we found them so the owner of the field could find them again an remove them with his digger. I'm guessing that the gradient of the field is about 1 in 3 increasing to about 1 in 4 further across and it's wet at the bottom with a small watercourse running down the hedge line. My 2 tractors and ploughs are the 880 with red rollbar and the shiny 780 with the plough with the triangle on the back. This field had not been ploughed for over 50 years so we didn't really know what to expect, especially underlying rock wise.

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