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Hey All,

I'll comment here.

I'm in complete agree with a couple other posts. I'd really like to find a 50s 60s small square baler. New Holland preferred and if it had a Wisconsin engine on it that be even better.

The other item I'd like is what I recall as a buckrake. Here is a pic.


Of course this one in the pic is older an more crude than what I am familiar with but the idea was the same. A 2 ton or so truck stripped to engine trans frame seat all reversed and steering reversed so it steers like a combine from the rear (was originally the front). On the buckrake end a loader was fitted with wood times (more than in the picture)  as pictured and a sidetine so bales did not fall off. Then the buckrake scooped bales and delivered them to where they were hand stacked usually in the field and usually 14 to 16 tiers high. Ask me how I know 🤔 as I had a hand in that. Note that this was done in drier snow not rain country. If stacked properly you only had an inch or two top and bottom of a stack rot. Then it was fed in the same field.

As a side note when I was younger grades 3 4 my grandfather payed me a half cent a bale to go all over 20 30 acre fields to turn every bale that came off the baler twine (he did not use wire) side down an turn it up so twine was not on the ground where mice or the buckrake could not break the twine. Of course I could not keep count an so it came down to haggling with my grandfather as to how many bales I had turned. It usually ended up me gettin a whole dollar - which was worth 20 boxes of candy if I spent it on that 👍. Great memories...

Anyway is there any of this retro Equipment out there? I would think there would be a market given how many uh older collectors there are.



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