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Renegade Rail Float

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Finn you and me are gonna fall out mate. You can't keep posting up pics when I'm at work, it's just not fair making me wait all day to see them. My health is suffering, my work, I get ratty with forktruck drivers who take ages, old biddies driving Nissan Micra's. . . The list is endless :( :(


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A Haa!!! Now I can see it. Smart bit of kit that Finn. Looks a treat with the Combine straddling her aswell. Custom Cutters are a go!!!

deerest have you ever been to a tescos depo last one i went to with ma step dad he had to unload it himself with a forklift

Never done Distribution Centres really to be honest. Just cast stone plants, quarries, and thir end users, Joe Public and builders mercants. Wasn't tarring all of'em with the same brush, simply reffering to those I happen across often.

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