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Lead Hollow Cast Farm Animals.


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Another aspect of farm collecting are the animals. No farm is complete without animals weather it is in the flesh as it were or in miniature.

There are lots of animals to collect and I like the lead hollow-cast early ones, they interest me because of their delicate nature and because of this it's the challenge of finding them in good condition.

Many toy and model companies have produced these over the last 80 odd years or so for the model farm but probably William Britain's being the most prolific and popular using their standard 1/32nd scale for these, introduced as the 'Home Farm' series in 1921. By this time Britain's were proficient in the hollow-cast process having been producing their toy soldiers since 1893.

When plastic was more widely used in moulding, which gave more detail I think myself that a lot of the earlier character of the lead models was lost as the character was in the skilled way in which they were painted to bring them to life, the features, stance of the animal etc. We must also not forget the humans either.

This could go on forever.

Let's share some of these with each other as I am sure that this is a most interesting subject.

All types, animals and people. All makes, Britain's, Timpo, John hill, Cherilea etc etc.

What's in your toybox?

Lets start with a few cows and calves.

I think these are pretty ealy ones as cows with head up have 'London England B & C' underneath, cows with head down and calves, 'Made In England'.


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