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Carrot harvesting

Light Land

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After reading what IHP said in an other topic it got me wondering whats going on with my camera/dads computer so I put a cd rom of pic's in and then tryed to use the re-sizing program so getting around having to plug my camera in to the computer and things seem to have worked this time.

Here a few pictures of the this years carrot harvest.

These carrots are no longer any good for the table market so they are being lifted for making into carrot juice untill there qouta is full the rest are only stock feed grade.

The topps that had bolted were proving to be a hassle for the top pulling harvestor(blue one) so I mulched the topps down and harvested the crop with the Grimme.

It was nice to put the employment and the group's farming trubbles out of my head for a few days and just enjoy driving with the grimme on the back.


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The MX270's farm had a CAT tracklayer on demo so they sent the big beast over to help.

That farm runs 2 MX270's but the one pictured has given the owner more than enough prob's so it's life with them will be coming to and end there other one with all round dauls and front linkage runs fine by all accounts.



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