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John Deere STS on NZ Maize Harvest


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Here is a pic dicky sent me in the week. He is currently on grain maize harvest with John Austins. They run two combines I think, this one is a 9650 with an 8row folding header. Dicky is on the jockey bin / chaser bin loading truck and trailer outfits, the crop is doing 11t/ha. Hopefully get some more pics soon.



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Its been a pig of a season here, my mate has 100ha of maze around my place, normaly its gone buy now, the other day they came and had a play and what they planted earily was at 27% so they pulled the pin, they are going to try again in a couple of weeks, should have some pics when they do,

Tris, what is dicky driving? not a bad pic for a cellphone a,

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Whats maize grain on the free selling for at the moment in the north island?

A few farmers around my way are talking about giving up on maize grain altogether as it takes to much irragtion,pays stuff all and wheat after maize grain is not the best move if you can help it.

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