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One for the Yellow-Green Fans: 3 x John Deere today!

Richard de Florennes

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On our one-hours drive from home to friends not one single tractor was active due to the bad weather until finding this nice pair of my favourite brand John Deere tractors plus the Deere Sprayer parked and running while the drivers were involved in some real farm talk indeed. Luckily, some sun appeared one last time just for a few moments when taking the pictures until a heavy thunderstorm advanced ...



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Here is a closer look at the row crops then. Regarding the current modell discussion I must say that e. g. the thin ones from TOWSE trading are very realistic in my eyes. So thin is beautyful!

Nice pics as always and notice the row crops really thin.with reference to other posts on the site about row crop model wheels being to thin


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Bit strange that like they got the wrong tractor hooked up on the sprayer

That's exactly what I also thought, but the tractors are operated by two different farms and regarding the size of the sprayer's wheels, row crops on the tractor would not really allow for improved spacing for operations between the potato beds in this case anyway. The farmer may accept the loss of some crops due to the broader wheels with regard to the lenghts of the sprayer extensions (sorry this argumentations shows me some limits of my English language skills as I am not a native speaker ;-))

Nice to have some kind of chat here...


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Your English is very good and once again its nice to see your pics.I,m no expert but with a sprayer like that one filled to the top I would imagine the tractor with really thin wheels would have a problem in damp potatoe rows with grip

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