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started this a few months ago .

1. cut the bonnet just after the grills on the side.

1b. cut out front axle. (forgot that bit)

2.using thoses bits of plastic that has the holes in that come from the bottom of the tractor boxes.glue  four bits to the bonnet bit that you cut off. when dry glue the bonnet section to the back half leaving a gap of 15mm.

3.when dry, mix up some car bodyfiller and fill in the gap, when doing under side where the hole for the front axle is put a big lump of filler to put the new axle on. drill the rivet on bonnet back a bit then fill with filler.

4. sand down the bonnet to the right shape,get a sharp hobbie knife and cut and shape  of the decal line and the lower bonnet too.

5. when happy start with the new axle. i'm using a mtx one. sand down the lump of filler till flat.make sure you put the rear wheels on the tractor. then rest tractor on front axle and keep sanding till it sits how you want it. drll hole in axle so you can screw it to the underside by drilling threw the lump of filler and fixing the axle to the tractor. take the steering rack off and turn it upside down.

6. drill threw front linkage and screw to front of tractor

7.paint and add exhaust,light pods, beacon, decal

8. jobs a good un.



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Looks pretty good, what doner tractors have you used ? im currently tinkering with a 6410 chassis and a custom bonnet

tractor is a 6410 cut and 15mm stretched , front axle and wheels are from a mtx 175 and exhaust. cab bits are from the uh k100. front linkage is from the ttv. rear wheels will be the mtx ones but in the picture its the ttv ones which are a little to big i think
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