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John Deere 6310 and 6210 planting


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Well after yesterdays blunder with the camera battery i finally got down today to get some pictures of Barkers planting .. well you tell me. The last time they used these machines they were cabbages so not sure if these are cabbages? But got some good pictures it's interesting how they do them  :)

First up a John Deere 7920 just leaving with a Jones engineering bedformer, just got the ground ready for them to get going.

And second pictures if of the huge salad trailers they use, basically full up with pallets with crates of the plants they're putting in the ground. You'll see them loading up later  ;)



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Last shot of the trailers and then onto the actual planting with the old Deeres, basically i think the tractors are on cruise control and then the two guys at the back just walk behind almost patting them into the ground if they haven't already gone in  :-\



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[move]Last two[/move]

One just setting off for another row to plant up and the other backing up, at this point i realised the stuff that keeps the crates together that tape stuff was caught in my wheel and i spent about 20mins trying to cut it out  >:( >:( Got some funny looks then aswell by the hoody guy  >:( >:(

Anyway thats it hope you enjoyed the pics and any questions feel free to ask  :)



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