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flexi coil Conversion

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This is one conversion i have cant remember where it came from could have been made by one of you


its the flexi coil press x Bomford cultivator i think

it has some intials on the bottom but i forget what they are.

there is the conversion and a original also i belive a very very rare 8730 with grey wheels had two of them but one is completely gone and this one just about survived i presume britains run out of white wheels one day so just put grey on ha ha!



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i remember something about those grey wheeled 8730s from theis forum prob a few years ago now. not 100% sure but i think it was Goodhead who was after one?? may be wrong on that, anyway i dont think the 8730s with grey wheels were a mistake from my memory

what I got told years ago they had ran out of the white ones so some was fitted with the grey ones

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