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Hi all,

Did anyone else read the article in this months Classic Tractor about the making of new Britains 7000 tractor model?  I thought it was an excellent article and have to say the model is a dead ringer for the real machine still used on farm in the picture that they took there design from :D 

What does bemuse me is that the decals on the toy fair prototype (also pictured) are the correct light blue colour 8) and yet on the final production units they are dark blue ???

Also I looked on Farmmodels website and they have close up picture of a 7000 model, which some dimwit >:( on the britains assembly line has put the decals on the wrong way round and now it reads " ford 700" or something ;D 

I will buy my one from somewhere I can inspect it before I hand over my hard earned cash :(

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