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riverfords new spud/ carrot lines


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today we timed it going. 1 ton on, graded then off at the other end in nine minutes. only problem is they need two fork lifts instead of one, so they can keep up. but the good thing is ,it will save on hours worked. they were working 60 to 68 hours  a week. they reckon it will be down to 39 to 45 hours a week. the people from abroad are not happy about loosing on hours. budget went over by alot. just the steal went over the budget. the person in charge thought 6 weeks to do it , but it took three months.

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This might sound like a silly question Nathan, but why have they raised it up off the ground and what has been done to speed it up??

well the person in charge said it would make it easyier to keep clean and so all the grade out can go outside in to bunkers. it all had to stop when changing boxs etc plus the red line is new as the old tong was falling to bits. hopper was the same but the tables were a lot slower. the grade out from the red tong runs under the other one.  the only problem with it is the cost of it.
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