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Ford collection from Stehos


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Finally found the time to take some pictures of my Ford, Fordson, New Holland, Versatile and conversion collection. Started collecting in 1986 with an Ertl Ford 8N in 1/16 (to join my real Ford 8N). Now somewhere between 350 and 400 different models and over 1400 brochures from the same brandnames. The scale of my models range from 1/1 (Ford 8N and Ford 650) to 1/87. Most of them 1/16 but 1/32 coming up.

Pictures are from my only displaycabinet in the living room (my wife would not let me have more  ;D).

First picture is the complete cabinet and second picture the 1/16 Big Roy (huge!!!).


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super blues ;D ;D

The roadless are superb by dp.

great way to display them as well.

Thanks, this type of cabinet is rather expensive but dusting is limited to once per year. In future my son wants to play with them I guess  ;)

Will post more pictures of my Roadless collection later.

Nice collection of blue beasts there .   :o :o :o

Is that a Tekno Scania  Super 0 / 1 series on top shelf  :o :o . Those are worth a bit now   :o;);D

Yes, you are right about the Tekno Scania. This is a 141 from around 1980 and in great condition. If you want more info on them (I do have some for sale) just PM me. I'm not sure if there's a section to talk about trucks and semis, but might be an idea.


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