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ok weres the dirt


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Never seen nuffink like them before. Who are they made by and what sort of horsepower would they be. They always look deceptively large unless they are parked next to something familiar. The loaders look like fairly standard tractor loaders, as in not that heavy a construction.

    A few months ago there was an article in one of the tractor mags on a Zetor crawler. It looked quite chunky on its own, a bit smaller with the driver sat on it, and stood next to a modern mid range Massey, it looked more the size of a Ransomes MG2 crawler.

Interesting....... ;):)

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the orange one is a fiat 455ci? the green is a agrifull........fiat clone

the loaders, dunno what the fiat one is, the agrifull one i think is a SIGMA 4 loader

i imagine it would be a work out pulling clutches, hitting brakes, changing gears and pulling levers ha ha!.....but hey, beats the hell out of a shovel

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haha, they ain't unimogs, they are small domestic market italian farm trucks, the name escapes meee........i guess they are the logical progression from the SAMECAR ;D

the sandpit will never be the same again!!!! :D

nick, TD8? T8?..........not TD6? and T6??

ya seen any name plates on the loader frames? DROTT or BUYCRUS ARIES?

ya need to stitch on two more arms and a 3rd leg nick, if you want to own a dozer convered to traxcavator!........they a bit different to the legendary CAT977!........i used to drive a K model, street tracks sucked...........but man..........what a animal....

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Proberly were 6,s  nope no plates, didnt look like drots to me, i have a feeling they were local, nz made,

seen that 5000 with front loader and hoe on TM?

Any k series track cat was a beast, old man ran 2 d8ks, oh yeah that is a note of one fine tuned ***** cat  ;D ;D enough to make any man quiver at the knees

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the blades and loaders on these ole ducks interest me nick , cause ya find way back when, these things were imported new to NZ and aussie they were brought in 'bare' as ag tractors to get round import duties and 'equiped' in NZ as aussie with domestic supplied equipment, hench tracweld was formed, etc.....

i wonder if this is why we also got BTD-6's were similar to the very first TD-6 built, but later the US versions got heavier axles etc, and a diff engine i think (starting a BTD-6 was like trying to get a englishman out of a pub)

i have a friend in paeroa who has a TD9 to sell its a 48 models, 4pot, with a Bycrus aries blade, common to domestic market america at the time....

we also had a 977L........when i worked in america, it was converted from pony start........these machines have been stuck thousands of times, ha ha!.......street tracks really do suck........ha ha!.......but were fantastic for pushing trees, burning rubbish etc

i will have a look for the 5000 on trademe,

the loader on the italian crawler thing looks like a very italian concept, but there are a few SAME krypton emerging in nz with sigma blades and i think a Loader, good luck to find where they were sold too

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this would be a bit of you


friend has a HD5, and T20, our store man apparently has 4 Td-6s

if ya fishing round, there was a special TD9 crane built for the US marine engineers for use in the pacific therater, in WWII....for building airstrips etc, apparently there is a 6 made it to NZ out of the pacific islands after the war, there is one about 25km from me, its yellow, the crane turrent sits over the bonnet, a foot infront of the controls, and they sit on street tracks, its spoken for , not for sale, apparently its very low hours, and has the serial numbers to vertifie its history

i also know of a ex army T-20 or is it T6 in north canterbury

and oliver OC-3's round your parts?

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