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I don't think I'm breaking any rules here, just be aware that all these images are copyright whoever I credit them to next to the image!

In the course of writing the column for Model farmer magazine, I get all the press releases from the major manufacturers. I still need to establish links with some of the smaller ones but it will all come in time.

I thought that some of you may like to see some of the images which don't make it to the magazine.

Manufacturer press photography is superb. I thought I'd stick this one up for you after getting a PR from JD this morning with a lovely, but irrelevant, picture of an 8530 with it.

Anyway, I'll post a few up as they arrive for those that like this sort of thing....

The one I got today. JD 8530, image copyright John Deere 2008


JD 7530 E Premium, copyright John Deere 2008


JD 6330, copyright John Deere 2008


JD 6930, copyright John Deere 2008


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You're welcome Mark, plenty more where they came from.  ;D

It seems such a shame not to show them, they're locked away on the manufacturer's press portals and very few get to see the light of day. At least everyone here will appreciate them, although I can take absolutely no credit for them!!  :D

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there are plenty of photos you could obtain from some of this forums postings for free without copyright problems and just due credits instead of re-using existing and partially well-known press-stock  :-X

Oh I know that, but these are photos that I have the privilege of free access to that I thought I'd share with those who don't!  :)

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Smashing Simon, your in a nice position to have the manu's emailing you these pics. The Valtra looks like a clever bit of kit. Hope to see more.  :)

You'll no doubt be reading about it in various publications around now, it's covered in MF this month too.

I will have a bit more of a rifle through, there are bloody thousands!

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Great pictures, i am not much off a green guy, got any CNH pics, would love to see some off those.


Erik, me either, yes got plenty of blue ones, will get some up.... S

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