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After the tornados and the heavy rain

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these are some of our fields we live down stream  from where it rained very heavy over the last few days we had 3 to 4 inches of rain too now the river has flooded and some of our land is under water

first pic is an alfalfa field

second is a  maize field we just planted last week

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I feel really bad about that Nick. I think I left the hall light on all night on Saturday night, that's climate change for you :D :D What were the winds like? (Think I may have boiled a full kettle for one cup of tea as well :-[)

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The wind wasnt too bad right at our house mate  and thx for owning up now i know who to blame for the global warming  ;D

The worst part of all this is that right now most places have just finished planting maize and can you imajine how much chemical and fertilizer is in that muddy water that  has run off all the fields

I live right in town here and it sits on a side of a 15,000 acre lake last year they had some beaches closed beacause of green toxic algea from high nitrates  .Wonder what it will be like this year

the pics of the fields  i posted up abaove have all had a deacent shot of fert and chemical just last week i think we have over 200 acres there thats under water  now

its 4.30 am right and the web site says the river has risen up to 13ft flood stage is at 9ft

cant wait till later im gona take  the quad bike down there for a nose around  yesterday there was carp jumping and splalshing around in our hay field

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