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Three Counties Show - Malvern, Worcestershire


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So is anybody going?

I am going on the sunday and have no idea what to expect, never been before.

If anyone has some info on anything then please post up, even down to some good reccomendations for lunch  :D :D

All appreciated.

Thanks guys.  ;):);)

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Here you are Jez....


Malvern    Sunday 22nd June          Number of Tables:  250                         

Address: 3 Counties Showground, Malvern Wells, Worcestershire, WR13 6NW.

Location: On the M5 leave at J8 and on the M50 leave at J1.     

Public Opening: 10:30am- 3:30pm      Admission: Adult £3.00, Concessions £2.00, Family £7.00       

Entry for Stall Holders and Early Entry Buyers (£5): 7:00am    Table Charge: £38 (back up £5 each)

Tris & PDH were talking of going, I'm going to phone Tris now and wind it in to him.... It's nice and local to me so if I'm careful I can get there without any speeding tickets this time  ;) Hope to see you there mate

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Oh, missed that bit about lunch.....

In the centre of Malvern there's a great restaurant called White Seasons. I once saw Edward Fox in there while I was on a working lunch [sexy Emilia's father].

Beyond that there are quite a few eateries in the locality. Upton on Severn is nice, provided it's not flooded which, at the moment, it isn't  ;). Alternatively it's half hour from my house which is [conveniently  ;)] next door to a very reasonably priced pub which does great food and very nice en suite B&B. That's sort of on your way down Jez so you could come down the night before and make an evening of it?

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Thanks mate, that is brilliant.

I am going sunday and hadn't thought about tris (today) so will ask him aswell.

PM me your number and i'll give you a shout on the day.

Thanks again. ;) ;)

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