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Help needed with CVX 170



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Well, the bonnet pulls off as does the cab. Then pull the seat off (may need to wiggle it a bit). The floor pan also pulls off. But you need to take your time and look at where to pull it off, you may need to prise it off with a small screw driver.

The front wheels pull off. The rears you need to tap the pin inside the small ring  out and then pull gently and they should come off. If you want to split chassis in two then prise it open with a screw driver. May need a small hammer and give the screwdriver a tap. Be carfull though because all of it can break. If you need any more help the i will put some pics up ;):)

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Take the cab off (pulls off). . Bettween the bonnet and steering colulm you will see it just slots over. Prise it off there upwards. If this is no help (im not very good at discribing how to do it) I will post  you some pics up tommrow morning if thats okay. Bit tired now and not sure where the camra is  :D;):)

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