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  1. I probably have on my old PC/laptop or there may be some in here somewhere
  2. Not built any of them for probably 8-10 years now for myself or anyone else but certainly used to do them. Was getting harder and harder to find the donor parts though.
  3. No you originate from Suffolk hence the dysfunctional bit
  4. Like a big and yet slightly dysfunctional family reunion
  5. I never had a Unistar but I did have a Uniweb, looking good so far, only thing I’ll say is the corners of the front frame should be more rounded, should be a simple tweak
  6. They’re based on a Grimme potato harvester from the late 70’s/early 80’s but can’t remember what the name of the machine was now.
  7. I can’t find the RAL code for it Sean but there are a few stockists of the paint out there.
  8. Is it really that long ago that I sent you all the various measurements and brochure copies for this!!
  9. Very nice Martyn, I'm sure Will will be very happy with them.
  10. That's a very nice addition to your collection. James has done an excellent job building it.
  11. Nice work Ben, the row crops really do suit that tractor
  12. We're not going to have to start calling you Davina are we
  13. Thanks, that was a tricky bit John but after measuring and marking the floor piece on either side then just tacking them all before re-measuring and gluing them properly I think they came out alright.
  14. Well I've finally dragged my modelling making stuff out of hibernation to make the first of a few models for myself over the next few weeks/months. No one currently makes a model of a dump trailer like this and as they are popular around here with sugar beet growers I decided to have a go at one. So far I have the trailer body 90% assembled, it just needs gaps filling and the front window bars put in and the main layout of the bottom chassis and drawbar built. I'll also be building the 10t version of this trailer to complement this one, I have something planned for the pair of them........ On with the picture, there's been about 4 hours work gone into this so far with all the cutting and gluing More detail on the underside of the body Will hopefully get some more done on it tomorrow, not decided on which wheels to use on it yet though until I have a look through my boxes here
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