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  1. Latest Country Artists piece arrived today, I now have 3 versions of this tractor, one with plough, one without and one in pewter
  2. This poster appeared on the G & M Facebook page yesterday if that helps
  3. I remember our local Toymaster closing down and they were selling off the JD 4020 for £6 each. I did buy some thinking that I might be able to make a profit on them but I barely broke even, can't see them selling too well this time around either
  4. Quite possibly, it also has Britains on the tyres but I didn't build it so I would only be guessing
  5. Following on from the Marshall and going back in time. The Leyland 270 from The Model Tractor Co, (SCALEdown), Leyland 4100 that I got at Spalding some years ago and a Dinky Leyland in orange. The Dinky version also comes in blue and red but the prices for these are soaring and I can't justify them at the moment
  6. Been a while since I added to this but though I would put a photo of my latest arrival next to its larger brother
  7. Fantastic collection Francesco, it's like the "Crilley and Burkholder" book brought to life
  8. I ended up scrolling through Ebay last night and found the Revell Porsche model for £19.99 so I added it to my "watch" list. This morning I have had an email from the seller offering another discount down to £17.99 so I have also bought this. I could end up with the full set at this rate
  9. Was actually thinking along those lines, problem is, I can't paint it after it is built
  10. Gavin mentioned that there would be a Fendt coming out in 2021, I might just have to have a go at that as well. As far as doing it so quickly, I didn't have anything else to do, I couldn't go out because of lockdown and I would have been bored otherwise, it passed the time rather nicely and I really enjoyed doing it
  11. Eventually it has all come together. I have found some tweezers to help with the decals. I have applied the stickers but there are still some waterslide type decals that are going to have to wait until another day. These are for things like the lights and indicator lenses but they are going to have to wait for another day. Before anyone mentions it, I have corrected the rear registration plate sticker and straightened it up, I didn't see that it was quite so wonky until I posted the picture of the rear linkage.
  12. I did mention the rear linkage lower arms that are all in one piece. That is okay except that you then have to line up a number of pins and holes and get them all to stay in place and secure. As soon as you get one located properly then one of the others pops out, this took far more time to get right that some of the others put together, with the exception of that damn gear lever.
  13. The rear fenders and wheels are then clipped into place followed by the front axle, it is starting to look like something now
  14. Once the seats and levers were in position I could then build up the rear fenders. Once again there are options here. The kit provides 2 sets of rear fenders so that you can choose to have a seat on one side, both sides or none at all, there are also 2 different roll bars options, on square and one more rounded. I have gone for a single seat and the square roll bar
  15. Next comes the seat, footplates and gear lever. The seat was quite easy but the gear lever was very fiddly. You can't fit the gear lever until the seat is in position and it is then inserted into a hole that is under the seat mounting, some sweary noises may have been heard around the house. This is where things started to ping off that ended up with me crawling around the floor on my hands and knees looking for minute parts
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