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  1. I have a 35x sat here as well as a power major, but i opted for the dexta as it was a bit older than the other 2 and has a better detailed 3 point linkage and suits better, 35x would have been my other choice but i think this fits better Had a hard life for sure! Shame cant batter some tinwork, i think theyd be a bit new the britains one is a little on the large size scale wise but typical of the 60s era, were they Fleming 3d printed ones? I think i saw them but way to new for me
  2. Came to the reluctant conclusion that the new UH Dexta was perfect fit for a scraper tractor for the farm, so started this evening to weather it up,just need to get some solid muck to go on hopefully not over do it too much but want it to look right.
  3. Looks very quintessential of many a trailer across the country. Good choice of tractor on front too
  4. Power back that was in classic tractor a while back? For running power harrow and drill if I remmeber right
  5. Hi Reading the Late Warner Halls book I noticed his prototype Kidd rota flail, now in my collection I have one that looks incredibly similar, a couple of minor differences which could have been a later change by him. Could I be right in thinking it could possibly be a prototype, or just a very similar model. There's a lot of similarities between the two.
  6. Purchased an incomplete/part built Scaledown Major off of Ebay other week with plans to rebuild it, but lack of parts and the fact i've got several already i thought i'd try something different, had some yellow paint lying around so was convinced into making an industrial major then settled on a Shawnee poole unit, although its fixed on the tractor the gooseneck can still rotate 180 degrees like it should, all thats left to do is decals and make some rear wheel centres for the trailer.
  7. Been a bit quiet recently with this havent had time to sort anything out, but was a nice day today and that time of year so took a couple of models and a board up the field and got some shots, really pleased with how they turned out a proper 1965/66 scene
  8. Definately looking good! and worth the wait
  9. Stunning work cant wait for mine!! Have to say i'm a bit jealous of that 245 thats a fantastic little tractor!!
  10. Cheers mate, the Scaledown 14x30 really finish it off! happy with the finish
  11. Little more done to the 5000, loader fixed on properly now and matched up some scaledown 14x30 wheels for it, look the part just some paint and fit and it'll be ready to go
  12. My old boss had a 12t one, basically the same as a Richard Western very similar in design and build. Was a good trailer this was me with it at first cut last year
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