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New holland TM 120 My second tractor conversion

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well i thought i would start a new conversion

ok its on the uh valtra t chassis witch needed alot of work to make the britains 8560 bonnet fit

but any way its not all together yet and done but i put it together to give you an idear i am going to get a new version cab roof two

and a front weight



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:o :o :o

looks spot on if you ask me good work

thanks mate

did you snap wheels off :-\

no i un srewed the screws

looks good pal

set of mudguards mirrors and handrails and your sorted ;)

thanks i will hopfullly put the valtra mirrors and hand rails on there not sure how to make the mud quards

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lookes a nice little conversion

well done ;)


great conversion looks good for your 2nd looks very professional ;) ;)

thanks very much

Nice to see you building again.

Looks like a great machine already ;)

yeah i would like to be doing more convos


very nice indeed ;) ;)


Looks great on that chassis bud. Your making a good job of it. There is a TM120 on the maize gang I'm on with.

as Murray said Tris get some pics


brillant mate, well done Cerin

thanks Adam
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Blimey Cerin, you're getting bloody good at this chap! And all the right colour too.... you'll have to get your name changed mate  ;):D You're making me want to get going on my TM conversion...... just wish I had the time!!!

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