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  1. Had the exact same idea! So i am going to follow this topic how it turns out!
  2. Looks much better Paul! The bonnet also ajusted that it is not that steep any more? Kind regards Johny
  3. Some good looking conversions youve got there John! Keep up the good work! Kind regards Johny
  4. Workbench is cleaned out and the machinery is put away at the moment. Al parts boxed and put to storage. Builing a new garage and then the house is next to do so not that many time to build. Hopefully next year again.
  5. Nice work as Always Sean! Like the 699 also how did you build youre's? Kind regards Johny
  6. Tanks 4055Power and Robbo! Had a Nice day yesterday with hard wrok for UPS! Then i came home the dog was glad to see me! Then about 22:00hour i picked up Sandra and then i tot back and went to bed for a good sleep. So no big party for me this year Kind regards Johny
  7. My purchases from Zwolle Ronnie Post Massey Ferguson 5170 maize forager 2x Schlüter Super Trac 2000TVL from Weisse 1 boxed 1 unboxed for converting Schlüter Super 3000TVL kit from Tyro toys germany Schlüter Super 1500TVL kit from Tyro toys Germany Realy pleased with the forager pictures come later on!
  8. I had to have a litle patience on the model because i first wanted to sell some stuff before i could buy the model. Stil looking for a new job so have to colect on another way at the moment! So that is also one of the reasons that i bought it later in Lochristi! Kind regards Johny
  9. Got my first model this year and what a stunner! It is the Schlüter Eurotrac from Weisse. The price is high but it is not that it is not worth it! what an detail and what a great precision! I think the model is already shown on different photo's so no photo's are needed. Kind regards Johny
  10. Also on this model youve done a great job Colin! Kind Regards Johny
  11. Youve made some great models Colin! Like the 4240, ive got a brochure from that type of tractor wherent big sales on that one ive heard off. Kind regards Johny
  12. I where also thinking to do some thing whit the models. But don´t know what yet. The MF 2725 Electronic Sean posted is a tractor that drove around here in the area by a contractor near by! They used it for almost 20 years! Tractor has traded in for a MF 6495 at the time and the 2725 is bought by a guy that use it now for the hobby! I am curius what you are going to do whit the model Paul! Kind regards Johny
  13. What a great model! Send over to me mate that i can have a closser look
  14. Looks fantastic. Jan MF and i did also it like this way! Only i used the tyers of a Claas Celtis from UH, not from the MF 5480. Keep the conversions like this coming! Kind regards Johny
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