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Fendt 930

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Hello everybody,

Yesterday i started with my first serious conversion!

So don't be to hard...

It won't be so beautiful as your conversions!

I'm pimping up the Fendt 930 from siku.

This WAS to be going my entry for the competition but forgotted to take pics of what i did so... :-\

What i will do:

- Tyres of a claas axion (siku)

- Back mudguards and cab of the Fendt 818 (universal hobbies)

- Fronthef from someone who makes them.

First of all sorry for the quality from the pictures!

I just placed the cab on the back mudguards for the picture i need to place it well ;)





Let me know what you think!!

Sorry for the bad pictures and English :-\

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@Scotty: thanks!

@Mf: that's also a nice one!

But it just don't like the siku front and rear hitches :-\

And the fendt does have nice tyres with rims of a Fendt 818/820 (uh)

But i just don't like the front ones and no other rim could go in it :-\

I did get my tyres Early than i expected and here they are 8)

The front ones don't have their rims on but i have them over here ;)

I  must lift the cab a bit up for the back tyres and maybe some new mudguards for the front ones ;)




Let me know what you guys think! :D

Ye, i know the back chassis :-\

Need to found something for it because the chassis was stuck on the old siku cab but new I've putted a new one on i still need to find out ;)

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Looks good!

What i alway's do iff i have that problem whit that on the back.

I take a piece off wood in side off the chasis and glue that to the top off the chasis.

Then take a screw and use that in case off the original siku screw.

(shal personal mail you also the explenation in youre own language but so other people can also use the tip!)

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