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a couple of mf,s

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mostly foragers,i do a lot of mf,s for myself and some of them id never care if anyone wanted one or not as some i want for my own collection run into big money in parts etc,i collect mf

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If I can be honest in a constructive way  :-\ (I'm no MF expert) the 3120 looks a bit big for a 3120  ??? But as a model of a Massey 3000 series as a whole, blew me socks off and I am wearing two pairs!!  :o She looks superb.  :-*8)

As does that 8130, a friend had an 8110 for a while which looks albeit the same. You don't half put some time and as you have said before, some money into these models.  :)

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Agreed as above... some superb work there BOR... so... can we see a picture of your entire collection please ???

Is it just convo's ??? - or do you have a 'stash' of other MF models ???

Are you just 1:32 in your collection... or do you do other scales ???

Do you collect anything MF related... or just models ??? (ie. Brochures, memrobilia etc.)

Have you got any real ones (in 1:1 scale) ???

Questions, Questions, Questions... we need answers man.... quick  :o:D :D :-*

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i collect anything and everything mf,have quite a few brochures..try to keep my collection mainly to 1/32 always adding of course,mite get a few pics of them together soon but im working on a few new models at min and wana add them too,real ones just the 135 and a te20 which is undergoing restoration at min but dont get as much time as id like at it with being at the models 24/7..here are a few pics of a 3120 i done for myself last week,the other one sold at minitrac



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