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John Deere 4050

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The latest conversion i'm workin on at the moment. Its a John Deere 4050, based on a Henry Walker stock66 kitt. i'm not sure yet what i'm gonne do with the wheels. i whas thinking puting the tractors on rowcropwheel. the TTV are just on there for now. on duals it looks pretty good to.


For the picture on duals


Handgrips on the bonnet, and some details in the cab are allready there


The cab, need to add the controls for the hydrolicks and the gears,


The decals, lights and other details, allso from Walker Parst ofcource ;D

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Its been a while sinds my last update. the 4050 is almost ready now. i couldn't choose between a 2wd and a 4wd. so i build both  ;D the 4050 is a 2wd, with the front axle and tires of the JD 4020 van RC2. and the back wheels are fron the jd 6650/6850 from RC2. The 4250 usa hase the front tires from a Fendt 820 with comstomized rimes, and the back tires of a Krone Big M.


back hitch on both the 4050 and 4250, build from a back hitch from a TTV and some poly


With the tires one it.


Both the 4050 and 4250 with some primer.


The 4050 2wd


And the 4250

( i made a litle mistake with the interior paint of the cab. i got the wrong brown collor. this almost looks orange  :-\ its fixed now as you can see on the photos below )



Both the 4050 and 4250 allmost finished. the 4250 is getting some front weights of the 8400 precision. i just orderd them at Walker.

it takes about 4 hours to get the resin kit ready for paint. including the home build back hitch. and another 3 hours detailing after paint.  decals. lights, the whole lot.

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Looking very good, both of them. It's nice to see different model numbers to the normal spec tractors. You have a high standard of work. That big trailer in the background looks good too, Ros Joskin chassis?

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