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Over sized transport box

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OK the story !

When I was a kid both my parents work at Bristol University vet college at Langford. The college had one or two small Massey's with a close cupled rear mast and these large transport boxes on the back.

The first I recall was a 35x followed by a couple of 135's and then 230/240's. Now whilst the tractors changed the boxes didn't, and they actually went to some trouble to maintain them which was most unlike the college. Both boxes were of slightly different design, and i don't remember seeing any makes names on them. Given this i always assumed they were one-off's that the college had made up.

Has anyone seen anything similar or is my one-off assumption correct ?

Why did the college use these ? Well I don't known ! My guess is this. All the animals would have been at the college because they were ill or being studied. Given this they would have been kept separately and so would have been cleaned out by hand. The buildings were a bit tight for a tractor/trailer and and a normal link box loader bucket would have been too small, particularly in 1960-70's terms. Also a link box or trailer means you have to tip at the base of the muck heap, and then pile it up by hand or with a loader. With this box and mast you can tip onto the top of the heap. (The boxes had check chains at the top allow them to be tipped forward slightly without falling off the forks). So a fairly neat solution to the problem, again particularly in 1960-70's terms.

As stated previously this is just a mock-up for me to judge the size, the real thing will be a lot more detailed.

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