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What John Deere??

Blue man

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6800 will only be 120 ish hp max, a 6910 is 135 hp and a 6920 is 145 plus

strange yes i know, but its how they did it...

depends if you want a off the shelf or custom build? yank or eu spec

my pics would be 1989 model 4455 140 pto hp or a yank 1997 model 7810 150pto hp (hp taken from brochures)

or a 4240s as tris said, they were pretty comen in uk around 120hp engine hp tho...

hope that helps ypu buddy

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john deere 6800, i have a feeling they are 140hp, will find out from a friend ! :)

About 120ish.

I used to plough with a 6610 Deere and 5 furrow Kuhn on 18" furrows.

Yea thought that over again you may be right because 6830s are about 160 hp

Well wrong above. The 6830 is still only about 130-140 ish

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