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  1. Thanks Martin I'm on the look out for one of those Dextas with a while
  2. Any picture of it next to a major or the likes just for comparison
  3. Could be wrong but look like UH McCormick MC130 to me Sean.
  4. What I wouldn't do for that 15 and 86 absolutely sublime work
  5. In the very unlikely event you ever want to sell be sure to give me first refusal
  6. What i wuldnt give for your Fords Sean, that 5000 is sublime
  7. Brian do you mind telling us what was the first scrathbuilt model you built ?
  8. I did a few posts beneath it lad The 15Fts could come up for sale soon !
  9. Here you go James Any questions fire away The two Murphys are identical so just one shown you can see the other in the background. The slurry tank is just a cheap plastic tanker that ive heavily modified but its no where near done yet and theres a few bits on the way for it. The Taarup is a Britains Harvester with a new header and shoot and I made tge draw bar swing as shown in the pictures. Sorry about the picture quality they were taken on my phone :/
  10. Ill get a few photos for you James Forgot to add theres a 6cyl Ford conversion that I might make a JJ thomas 95-100 out of.
  11. Just Finished 2 15Ft Murphy Silage Trailers,a 1300gal Slurry Tank awaiting paint and a Taarup 602b Trailed harvester awaiting completion.
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