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jd 8345rt


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Well i bought this 8345rt off the internet and when it arrived i noticed a couple of differences compared to the pictures other forum members have posted , and different to the pictures on sellers websites.

firstly mine has no gap in the hand rail , and it has a left hand mirror



also mine has not got a becon , this might just be a factory error though


all the ones i have seen are like this


just wondering wether anybody else has seen one/or has one like this

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That's interesting, not seen one with a handrail like that - I wonder if it is an error/oddity or if they have altered the design??

I have both the standard Britains version and the US issue Ertl Prestige Collection one (with wider track setting) and both have the handrail with the 'gap'. They both have a beacon too.

I've just had a look in BCs 'Other Britains' thread for his pics of the Waterloo Employee edition of the RT, and it has the gap in the handrail and the beacon fitted as well.

However,  I note the photo of the real thing on the rear of both the Waterloo box and the Ertl Prestige box show a complete handrail like the one on your model, and the real one in the photo on the rear of the Britains box has the gap with a chain hung across it; I wonder if the factory have made willy up and been fitting the wrong handrails to them??

Most odd  :-\  I will have to keep my eyes peeled  ;)

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well i have only had it about a week , so it could be a change in design ? :-\  it seams to obvious to be a mistake, so we'll have to have a good look at the coming model shows and in toy shops over the coming months.

i bought it from a quite a big internet farmmodel retailer, expecting to recieve one like in the last picture , but this one turned up...

...pm me if you want the name of the shop  ;)

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I finally got around to buying one of these, from the same retailer thanks.

Mine came with a beacon, so a manufacturing error with yours perhaps

I wonder if the factory have made willy up

I have a Waterloo edition with the european cab, there is nowhere to put the extended indicator/light arms!

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