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A warning to all tractor operators!!!


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Having read Tris' post about the resenment in the haulage industry about tractors and trailers I read with interest a letter in this months edition of truckers mag Truck & Driver.

It was written in response to a previous letter I had not seen. However it quotes all the figures about maximum legal weights for tractors and trailers. However it paticularly highlights tractors on haulage jobs for waste companies. At the end of the letter it says:


      "If anyone has lost work through being undercut by agri haulers, I suggest contacting VOSA and asking them to      ensure that they are operating legally."

Now I dont know what you make of this, but perhaps it may be of some interest and a small hint about not upsetting truck drivers. I you want to check the article for yourselves it is in the Feb issue of Truck & Driver.

(p.s mods I dont know if this is in the right area or not  :-\ "

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