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Out and about in 2011...


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Excellent pictures,the New Hollands and the Kanes look well together  8) 8)

Although that crop looks a bit on the light side ???

Yes crop was a tad light, But this man is all about Quality and not bulk  ;)  What there is off it is Top Quality stuff.. Everybody around here knows, If hes doing it, they should be  ;)  ;D

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Few more From the past week or so!

Had a day at the local Quarry drawing Sludge/Dirty water out of a pit and taking it over to the lagoon..

Should note that it was a VERY windy day.. Sitting at the top of a Quarry was not the place to be.. At the lagoon if you had of opened the doors, you'd have lost them! Cab was rocking like a boat!

The View








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Then the next outfit!




All was going well untill the boy that works on the farm decided to start rolling the pit! I thought he was pushing the limits from the road!  ::)  ::)






If it wasn't for that barrier around the top we would of had a different situation on our hands!

It took a bit of thought about how to get it out as the front wheels was right at a H iron!  ::) 

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Nice pictures Blake, how much banter did the lad get for that c*ck-up?  :P  how did you puller her out as well?

Brave bit!  ::)

Wee dug a hole at the side of her to try and reverse her into it but then the H Iron at the side was behind the wheel..  :-\

Only other option was for me to hook my trailer off and go up and pull her out sideways and back at same time, via the Top Link brackets.. Thought we would off lost the mudguard but only one we mark on it, wouldn't even see it!..

It was the barrier that caused the problem! If it hadn't of been there the problem would have been over a lot sooner!  ;D  ;D

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Hey blake what make is that rake in your last silage pictures? looks like its hydo drive havent seen that around my way yet

Think its a Kuhn, Thats all I know about it!  ;D

lucky that rail was there  to stop the tractor should have been going 90 dgrees on the edgesrather than along it but thats experience for you hope fully the lesson was learnt!

It wasn't me!  :police:

The man (60-70 year old) that owns the farm was rolling it yesterday with the 4355 and loader.. He was rolling it at 90 degress to sides... That didn't work well either! Lifted the loader up to clear the rail and went to close to the edge lifting the back wheels up!! From what I hear that was worse than the 5455!

I'll just stick with my trailer!  ;D

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Nice bit of grass Blake. I have had to be towed off the pit twice, once due to going to near the edge and riding a soft spot whilst buckraking and the other time the buckrake go wedged over an RSJ - them things are a flipping pain in the bum when they're left proud of the panels!

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Will that pit be rolled more?The silage looks wet as leeks?

It was rolled for about another 10 min after those pics were taken before we covered it. Rain started just as we finished!  :D

Yes you could say it was wet, Wettest I've ever put in! There was four, 3-4 inch drainage pipes coming out of it, 2 each side running full! and the channel along front you see in pics was running like a river!

You could see the water running faster when the JCB was close to the edges!

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The NC tanker will be busy carting away the run off then,good for the grass that stuff?

Oh no the NC tanker was about 20-30 mile away, This was a Different farm  ;)  Not sure how good for the grass is it but the cows seem to like it, we seen them drinking the run off once it was getting pumped up to the tank!  :D

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