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New Line of Slurry Tanker Ranges 2011..


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As some will of seen in our latest show pics, there where two new Slurry Tankers on display.  ;D

And after numberous PM's, and messages for more pics, I thought I better post a few up  ;)

Herron 2500g

SlurryKat 11000L with 7.5m Dribble Bar..

These where the first models ever made of these two makes and where both made on behalf of Herron and SlurryKat, Both companys where very keen to get us too build the models for them..  :)  And Hopefully both Companys will be happy with them  ;)

Anyway, First up a proper Herron..






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Next up the SlurryKat 11000L.. A new Tanker in the real world aswell as the Model world  ;)





As you can see there is very little 'Normal' about these tankers, Hence the name SlurryKat Super Tankers..

Modelfarmer.co.uk will be the sole supplier for these tankers  ;)  ;D

And Fitted with its 7.5m Dribble Bar..




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Is the dribble bar on the tanker going to be compatible with the umbilical SlurryKat system or is there another one on the way for that?

Fantastic tankers  ;D ;D

Cheers Mark,

No that Dribble bar is the Compax model, which is really only compatiable for tanker spreading systems  ;)  And you never know whats around the corner with us  ::)  ;D

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