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claas 960 vs new holland fx45.

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Never drew against a claas of any sort, but thought there was nothing impressive about a fx450, also drew against fx58 and fx60 now they were a more impressive machine, although the extra 150hp obviously makes the difference. But one thing ive noticed with harvesters the driver's worth 200hp alone, ive seen a fella on a 2205 do better work than a different man on a fx450

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i was told that fx 45 would be a better harvester than claas 960 at lifting grass. its very hard to believe as i have been  been with both workin and they re like night and day.is there anyone on the ftf would beg to differ.

This about what i was telling you?

get your self a ticket over for 3rd cut this year if you don't believe it! ;)

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only way you can compare machines is get them in the same field and use the same driver etc you cant say that pete in dorset's fx is better than better than paul from carmarthen's claas  ;) 

We have had them in the same field 1st cut and 3rd cut, just to see ig the FX still has the legs, had the legs over the claas yesterday!  8)

And the older/more experienced driver is on the claas, but the FX has a younger driver in it, he's 22 and his 2nd season for us  :P 

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