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Vintage Home Farm Collectors Edition Sets - do you have them?

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If you do I have some questions.  I have all the sets but I did not take them out of the boxes so I am uncertain as to which small items packed in tiny bags belong with which set.

  • Farmyard set has tiny chicks and so has the Farmers Wife set.  The chicks are two colours, pale yellow and an orange yellow so the question is which set has which colour?

  • There are also sitting cats; one black and white and one brown - again which set(s) do these come from and which colour? (I assume they are also part of the Farmyard and Farmers Wife sets but am not sure)

  • Finally there is a foaming pot/bucket of milk and a walking black and white cat.  I assume it comes from the Milk Cart set but I really do not know.

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Sue I did a complete photo review of these sets about 3/4 years ago here on FTF.

May be worth a search? Sorry I'm away from home so a search is not possible my end.

Check the topics I started.

Hope it helps.

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