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Problems with painting



I've just been spraying a mitsubishi evo in fast and furious colours for my brother, and on the bonnet some air got underneath the paint and left it all rippled, any ideas how i can get rid of this? as i just filed it off and it's made a right mess when i repainted it :-\

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hi mate,i dont think it was air under the paint it sounds like the paint has reacted with something on the bonnet,try sanding it down and spray it with primer first this should stop it reacting.dont worry mate we have all had paint react at some time you just need to start again which is a bit of a pain but you will be glad you done it in the end. ;)

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Thanks for the advice guys, i just decided i had to file it all off completely, so i did that and got it down to its bare metal and then very finely prime it twice over, i just put the main coat on and it's come out much better, just a bit rough round the edges, but i showed my brother and said what had happened and he said that's fine, i'll just know in future.

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