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Britains Knights of the sword

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I know its not farm related but can anyone tell me when the Britains Knights of the Sword range was launched please ?

I have a few old Deetail knights kicking around and have found a couple of castles etc on ebay and can't really date them.

I have some old catalogues but not from the later 1990s etc.

Thanks in advance for any help. :)

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The Knights were first marketed under the 'Knights of the Sword' banner in the 1986 catalogue, although some of the figures had been in production for some years beforehand - I'm not too familiar with the Knight figures, but I think a few of them may date back to the launch of the Deetail 'Knights and Turks' in 1973.

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I'm missing any catalogues from 1986 to 1993 as well, but can give a few dates to start you off, with some help from Peter Cole's book.

19731st Deetail Knights & Turks  Some deletions & changes in plastic colour, but some of these, & 1978 figures, survived right through the whole period. 

1978 more added, including the archer.

1984 'Banner Knights' (with large shields)(moveable/changable at waist, an attempt to revive swoppet knights perhaps)

1985 catalogue just calls them 'Knights & Turks' (i.e. not 'Knights of the Sword')

1986-93 Another short lived group of 6 knights on foot, all rather stocky figures.

1990 Dragon added.

1993 'Knights of the Sword Champions' added , 5 on foot, 3 mounted

Hope this helps.

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