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Help with a dual rotor rake?


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Next year we plan to replace our Claas liner 450 with a dual rotor rake of about 8.5 meters or so.

We will buy second hand and budget should be around £9k.

we have looked at a Kevernland but it looked too week and flimsy, we are quite keen on a Claas Liner 880 as where I work has one but it is forever doing tine arms on rough ground  :-\

So my question is, what make would you go for based on user expirience, repairs, parts, ease of use etc

Any help will be apriciated

Cheers in advance, Pat

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We had a Kuhn Ga821? until last year and it was about 8.2 meters, was a good rake and we had very little trouble, and we raked over 500 acres a year with it, and we had it 4 years! ;)

We now have a claas 2700 infront of the trailed set-up and that is just as good! ;D

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Thanks for the reply Mark, we are raking about 200 acres and never more than a days work at a time really, forgot to mention that  ::)

Will have a look for a Kuhn to see one in the flesh in that case  :)

I've heard very glowing reports about the 2700, it appears so much better than the 880, however we dont want a knackered one and decent ones are out of our price range for now anyway  :(

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