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silagin on my farm


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judging by the performance of the forager you would,nt think my 69 had been remaped to 225 hp  at the shaft  the blades  are buggerd but i only had 30 acers to do  so i.. replace them next year 

thanks for the comment s

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Isnt that just asking for problems mapping it too 225hp a tractor designed for tops 160hp at the shaft when a 7530 cant handle its standard power let alone a 69 pushing out more then one ??? ???

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The cooling system isn't, the back end isn't and the axles aren't.  And there is design differences in components between a 69 and 79 in the engine they havn't just plonked one engine into the next and remapped it ;) .  Not got anything against chipping got an ares 697 and Cat MT 865 chipped but 225 on a 69 is asking a lot if want it for more then 5000hrs from it  :laugh:

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