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Schuco Eicher 3145


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Can anyone help me with some details about the real tractor please.

I have built up a catalogue of all my models. There is a page for each one with a photo of the model and a photo of the real tractor and details about each.

So far out of all 250 models this is the only tractor I can not find much info about.

Details that I would like are...

Engine make

Number of cylinders

Number of forward and reverse gears


Lift capacity



Turning circle

Thanks in advance

Cab noise level

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The nearest I can find in the books I have got would be the 1968/70 Eicher Woton 3014 which had a 6 cylinder diesel engine. However in 1970 Massey Ferguson bought a 30% stake in the company and they started to use Perkins engines. Marky might know a bit more about them from that date on. Good luck  ;) ;) ;)

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From 1982 until 1985 they had a lighter color blue, and the rims are more orange.

The model which Schuco made was the type from 1986 until 1991, when they stopped with production of Eicher tractors fore agriculture.

The model from Schuco is not how the tractor original was made, I am a big fan of Eicher tractors, I have them many years used at my farm.

I rebuild the model from Schuco, how it must be, when it leaves the factory floor, I  put wide tires onto it, like a Dutch contractor had in the early 90's, and I put the right colors on it, and new decals, good mirrors and lights.







And a picture from the original Schuco(left) and the rebuild(right) one from my together.


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